A Croydon engineering firm has given restaurant and pub owners a novel way to pull in more
customers by offering the 'BUMWARMA' heated seating at outdoor tables.

At alfresco venues where the novel seats are installed, pubs and restaurants can expect a big increase in the numbers of customers using those areas.  Where beer gardens are deserted for several months of the year, they can now become the hot spot for all who like to drink outdoors in comfort. The alfresco seat can also be installed in gardens of private homes for comfortable outdoor living all year round with these added benefits:

  • People suffering from back pain can get instant relief from the direct transfer of heat from the seat.    
  • Smokers can relax in comfort without hurrying to get back in the warm.
  • Couples can enjoy an intimate tête à tête.
  • Enthusiasts of scenes from city wide views to countryside ambience, can enjoy all year round pleasure.
  • The seat has a curved profile shaped to ensure maximum comfort.
  • An LED light for night time sitting is incorporated in the table.


The seat will last a lifetime if regularly maintained.

There is a 5 year guarantee on all parts and installation.


Our accomplished tradesmen take pride in producing a bespoke handcrafted seat.

Contact Alex now with your requirements so that we can give you a quotation.

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